So you’ve decided to pop the question. It’s worth remembering that this is your chance not just to show your special someone how much you love them, but to create a magical memory. While the tried-and-true option is to go down on one knee and offer the engagement ring, there are plenty of ways to propose that are much more creative.


Indulge her passions

One of the best ways to show someone you love them is to show you truly know them. Does she love theatre, art galleries or reading? Then make that part of the proposal and take her to a show, exhibition, or her favourite bookshop. Take the ring tied on a ribbon, or if you are thinking she’d prefer to choose from a selection of engagement rings herself, write a message on a beautiful card. Present your card or the ring tied to the theatre program, exhibition catalogue or a signed copy of her favourite book.


Make it an adventure

You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, so start now. Challenge her to a treasure hunt around the house, backyard or even further afield, with a final clue leading to you waiting to propose. Or choose an exotic location. A secluded beach, romantic train journey, or anywhere with a stunning view are prime options.

How to propose

Play for keeps

Is she the fun rather than the formal type? Then make the proposal fun too. Slip a card with your message into a board or card game. Ask her to grab the wine from the fridge during a romantic dinner at home after you’ve written your proposal on the fridge using colourful magnets. Or settle in for wine, cheese and her favourite movie, then turn off the lights and see the ceiling light up with the proposal that you’ve written with glow-in-the-dark stars.



Make it a feast

For an alternative to formal restaurants, consider a picnic, or the casual restaurant where you had your first date. Or how about brunch in a beautiful natural setting?  Take some pastries, a flask of brewed coffee, and two nice cups. Prepare hers before you leave by painting a ‘marry me’ message on the inside base of the cup, so that she’s in for a post-coffee surprise!


Display your talents

If you’re creative, display your talents. Sing her favourite song before popping the question. Write a fun short story that ends with you proposing. Create a photobook of shots of your life together, and make the last page a photo of the engagement ring before presenting her with the real thing. Or create a film, like Ben did.


The perfect engagement doesn’t have to be predictable, or difficult. Just think about what she loves and how you can add your personal touch, and you’ll create a proposal to remember. And if you’re unsure about the ring, don’t panic. We offer a range of beautiful engagement rings, and we also create stunning custom designed rings, so she can have something truly original, just like your proposal!