A Passion For Excellence

At Paradise Jewellers, we believe you deserve the best.

By “the best” we mean, only the finest quality diamonds, which we source from the finest diamond cutters in Belgium specifically for every piece, coloured gemstones, South Sea Pearls and the purest of gold and platinum. We believe in excellence in all areas of our customer experience:

  • Excellence in workmanship
  • Excellence and exceptional attention in customer service
  • Excellence in quality diamonds, gems and metals
  • Excellence and attention to detail in designs

World-Class Craftsmanship

Over the past six decades, the Paradise Family have been serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast with fine jewellery, custom engagement rings and jewellery designs to an exceptional world-class standard in customer service, design, workmanship and materials used.

Everything we do is specifically designed for you so that you can walk away with beautifully timeless, hand-crafted pieces that capture your moment perfectly.

While we do have stock on hand for you to purchase and take home today, we are particularly passionate about our custom engagement rings and jewellery redesigns.

Our exclusive jewellery boutique is located on the sunny Gold Coast at the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.  We invite you to sit with one of our experienced designers, while you sip on a delicious cappuccino, as we discuss your vision for your brand new handcrafted piece of fine jewellery.

We look forward to being a part of your dream diamond design journey.

The Paradise Family

our team

Shane Paradise

Designer and Jeweller

“My journey started at the age of 17 years when I started my apprenticeship as a Master Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer. Right from that time I have loved the idea of designing and creating beautiful jewellery. Nothing inspires me more than the excitement I see in the eyes of our clients after they receive a bespoke piece that we have created together with love and passion. In the end, when a client sheds tears of joy for one of my designs, it’s a very fulfilling feeling and I appreciate being able to experience that now for almost 40 years.”

Mark Paradise

Designer and Sales Consultant

With more than 30 years in the retail jewellery industry, Mark shares his love of jewellery by helping new and existing clients create their dream piece. Mark, with his caring and obliging attitude, loves helping guide his clients and design a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime and become a piece that will be cherished and handed down through generations.

“When I get to see the beaming smile on my clients’ faces and the twinkle in the eye of the girl that was just proposed to, I know in my heart that I am doing something that I truly love, and in particular, feel I am contributing to something that will be a part of their lives forever”

Kym Paradise

Designer and Diamond Consultant

Kym has been working in the family business since she was a little girl, although made it her career after travelling in her late teens. Kym’s passion is connecting with people and being a part of their journey of choosing and designing their special something.

“One thing I love most about my work is that I get to meet people when they are celebrating a magical time in their lives. Whether it is being a part of their engagement and wedding journey, or helping guide them with a redesign, it is always a rewarding and such a happy time for us all.

Meet The Jewellers


Meet one of our Jewellers and ‘Head of Repairs’ at the Paradise Jewellers Workshop. Paul is an exceptionally qualified jeweller and has been with the Paradise Family and a trusted part of the Team since 1995.


Meet Vasana, our Master Craftsman. With nearly 30 years experience in Design and Handcrafted Fine Jewellery. Vasana leads the team of Jewellers at our handcrafting workshop located at the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. A wonderfully talented craftsman, Vasana is a valued member of Team Paradise and has been with the Paradise Family since 1997.


The Paradise Family Journey

Paradise Jewellers is the Longest Established Trusted Family Jewellery Business on the Gold Coast. Achieving the highest standard of excellence in world exclusive designs with exceptional attention to quality.

Eddie and Pauline Paradise began the journey in Brisbane in 1957, and today their vision of fine jewellery lives on in his family business. The Paradise family of 3 generations have an exclusive design boutique at a major shopping centre on the Gold Coast – Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

The Future Of A Family Business

Today Shane, Mark and Kym Paradise and Andrew Shaw along with their exceptionally qualified friendly staff are available for jewellery design appointments and jewellery repair consultations. With highly skilled Jewellers on site, we strive to offer you the convenience of ‘same day repairs’.

our workshop

Your Jewellery Matters

Since 1957, the Paradise Family have been creating the most exquisite handcrafted jewellery in Australia and the Gold Coast. Our family business has a strong reputation for quality – using world-class techniques and the highest quality pieces we offer exceptional attention and

Your jewellery matters as much to us as it does to you.

To ensure that your precious jewellery is safe, the Jewellers’ Workshops are on the premises. Experienced goldsmiths teamed with modern technology are always available to repair your jewellery.

Click here to read about our in-store jewellery restoration processes.

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