What do Blake Lively, Jerry Hall and Caroline Wozniacki all have in common? Apart from the celebrity status, they’re all proud owners of oval engagement rings. 

The oval shaped diamond is considered to be both modern and elegant, and has rapidly become a popular option for the recently engaged, with the trend not looking to simmer down anytime soon. 

Why Are Oval Engagement Rings Popular 

When cut well, they can actually appear to be larger than a traditional round diamond. One of the primary benefits often associated with an oval shaped ring is that they can make one’s fingers appear to be thinner, longer, and usually suits a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes. 

Despite common assumptions, oval shaped engagement rings aren’t exactly a new style. Initially crafted in Russia in 1957 by Lazare Kaplan, he’s regarded as the man to “invent” the oval cut. Kaplan rapidly gained notoriety in his industry for his unique skill set in cleaving, or the process in which cracked or badly flawed diamonds were cut into smaller, minimally included diamonds. 

What this meant was that diamonds that may have been previously disregarded as unsuitable, or too flawed to craft into jewellery, were suddenly turned into works of art – or a diamond in the rough, if you will. 

In modern times, this has made an oval engagement ring an affordable option for those seeking a little touch of luxury without the usual price tag. While the ideal length-to-width ratio of an oval cut is 1.35 – 1.50, ultimately the preference of a longer oval shape vs a wider oval is entirely up to you.

Other Diamond Cuts That Are Trending This Year

If oval engagement rings aren’t quite your style, then never fear – there are plenty of other shapes on the market available, and here are a few other diamond cuts and styles that have seen a recent renaissance in 2020. 

In – Elongated styles such as oval, emerald and pear 

In – Stacked and nested rings such as traditional wedding band sets 

In – Thinner bands to promote and show off the jewels

On the other hand, there are also other styles that have faded from the spotlight and aren’t considered to be as favoured as they once were. 

Out – Rose gold isn’t favourted or requested as much, and the preference has been yellow gold

Out – Chunk halos that are supposed to make your diamond look bigger

Out – Compromising your personal style is not on trend, and never will be 

Where To Compare Oval Engagement Rings 

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