How To Nourish Your Soul Without Travel

Are you yearning for your annual European summer trip, or perhaps you had to cancel a long awaited trip? Here’s our tips on how to feel good without travel with ways to nourish your soul.  As of June 2019, over 9.5 million Aussies adventured overseas in just one year, with the numbers only increasing. We [...]

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Getting Married In 2021: When To Start Planning The Big Day

Even during times of such uncertainty, love always finds a way. If you’re getting married in 2021, the reality is that you need to start getting organised now. When it comes to planning a wedding, generally speaking - most lovebirds don’t know where to start, and what’s actually involved (cue: wedding planner). However, staying on [...]

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Planning A Wedding: What’s Changed?

Weddings aren’t something most of us think about during the era of this pandemic, but for couples planning one - it’s simply been a matter of adapting.  While some nuptials have sadly been shelved for the time being, there are many others that are forging a new path, and are determined to seal their love [...]

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Are Oval Engagement Rings Trending In 2020?

What do Blake Lively, Jerry Hall and Caroline Wozniacki all have in common? Apart from the celebrity status, they’re all proud owners of oval engagement rings.  The oval shaped diamond is considered to be both modern and elegant, and has rapidly become a popular option for the recently engaged, with the trend not looking to [...]

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How To Clean Diamond Rings At Home

A sentimental, engagement or wedding band can easily become one of the most important prized possession of any modern women - but how do you clean diamond rings at home? Like most major purchases, it’s important to give them the appropriate amount of care and maintenance to ensure that they go the distance - and [...]

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Five Gold Coast Wedding Venues For A Memorable Big Day

On the hunt for the best Gold Coast wedding venues? These five unique settings are sure to invoke inspiration for anyone looking to get hitched in 2021. After the excitement of getting engaged, the mammoth to-do list often follows. The perfect venue should be practical, beautiful, comfortable and serves as the backbone for your big [...]

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Diamond Shapes: How Many Different Types Are There?

Does the cut of a diamond determine it’s worth? Not quite. While there are many different diamond shapes to choose from, let's explore the key differences. While it can often boil down to personal preference, the shape of a diamond can often determine its popularity. Round cut diamonds are generally the most commonly sought, as [...]

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Jewellery Restoration Needs A Trusted Jeweller

Over time, from frequent wear, your precious Jewellery may start to show it’s age and your diamonds may become vulnerable. Gemstones may loosen and your gold may need a polish & clean. Therefore a complimentary clean with the in store ultrasonic and a thorough safety check is offered at both boutiques. Our qualified staff will [...]

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Today’s Trends in Engagement and Promise Rings

Though a diamond may be forever, fashion definitely isn't. So what is in vogue? Promise rings are a new trend. Considered a kind of pre-engagement engagement ring, promise rings symbolise a couple's devotion and commitment before they're ready to take the big step toward something permanent.     Whether her ring will symbolise [...]

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Engagement Ring Shopping: Quick Tips to Cut Out Complications

Whether the engagement ring is a surprise for your future bride or you've talked together about this symbol of your future, shopping for a ring can seem kind of complicated. It isn't really. Our Free Diamond Guide can give you a grounding in ring-speak, style trends, and the importance of the 4 C's, Cut, Colour, [...]

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