So you want to surprise your other half with the perfect engagement ring?

You’ve seen your loved-one’s jewellery, you’ve observed her style, but how do you know what ring she’ll like?

The thing is… you already know a lot about this lady with whom you want to spend your life with. Still, even genius detectives get help from their Watsons and yours are your girlfriend’s friends, her wardrobe, and the gems in her jewel box.

When looking for clues to your future fiancé’s tastes, friends may already know what she likes, especially if one of them is recently engaged and the group has talked engagement rings over lattes.

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Then there is her closet, which, when taken as a whole—shoes, hats, coats, blouses, trousers—can give you a comprehensive sense of your girl’s style.

Perhaps the best clue to your darling’s tastes is what she’s bought for herself, so look closely at the jewellery she wears, from rings to bracelets to earrings. Does she favour silver or gold, plain bangles, or the fun of dangling gems?


Speaking of your sweetheart’s own jewellery, even a favourite pinkie-ring or thumb-ring can help a jeweller estimate the right size for her engagement ring, so bring a ring with you, especially if you’re having something custom-made.

Whether your best girl is keen on vintage, as contemporary as they come, or steadfastly refuses to fit inside any box, you already know a lot about what she likes and what you don’t know you can learn with the help of her friends, her own choices, and a bit of close observation.

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