Engagement, wedding and eternity rings are often our most treasured pieces of jewellery, and its perhaps for this reason that many people now choose custom designed rings. If you love the idea of a custom designed ring, youll need to consider a few things. 

1. Diamond grade

The stone of choice for most engagement and wedding rings is a diamond, and here you’ll need to understand the four Cs – cut, clarity, carat and colour.

  • Cut is one of the most important aspects of your choice. The higher quality cut, the more brilliance your diamond will radiate. All diamonds are given a cut grade. The Paradise Family hand selects our diamonds for perfect symmetry.
  • Clarity refers to the number of mineral traces (inclusions) present. A diamond that is eye-clean is a diamond with no inclusions visible to the naked eye.
  • Carat refers to the weight of a diamond.
  • The colour grade of a diamond sits between D and Z, with lower grade diamonds having a yellow tinge. Those in the D-G range are considered ‘white’ diamonds.

How a diamond is graded on the four C’s determines the cost.  At Paradise’s we aim to offer and supply diamonds that are eye-clean and a colour that suits both budget and our customers’ request.

2. Cuts and settings

There are a number of options when it comes to the cut of the stone and the setting, and it really comes down to what you like. Cuts include round brilliant, trilliant, princess, oval, pear, radiant, ascher, Emerald, Marquise and heart shapes.  There are many ways to set all of the diamond cuts, all of which can be determined to suit lifestyle and personal one off design.

3. Metal

Your options include sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Gold is also graded in terms of carat. This refers to the percentage of actual gold, with the difference made up of durable metal alloys. The most common gold carats are 9, 18 and 24, with 24 considered ‘puregold. The higher carat golds are brighter, so if you do want more precious metal, the best choice would be 18ct Gold or Platinum.  Remember too that rings worn next to each other should be of the same carat, to avoid one harder metal scratching the other. 

4. Personality and practicality

Your custom designed jewellery should let your personality shine. The perfect choice of metal, size, shape and settings will reflect your style and exactly who you are. Think about practicality too. If you work with your hands a lot or in the outdoors for example, then a bezel setting would be a safer and more secure option. 

5. Budget

While engagement rings do tend to be one of the more expensive purchases in a couples life, it is important that you first look at a realistic budget. Beautiful rings are within reach of everyone, so dont be put off if your budget isnt bountiful.  Our designers and staff at Paradises will work with you to help you get what you want within your budget.

Your design, your ring

 A custom engagement ring can be the perfect way to start a new life together. For qualified advice and inspiration, why not contact us?