A sentimental, engagement or wedding band can easily become one of the most important prized possession of any modern women – but how do you clean diamond rings at home?

Like most major purchases, it’s important to give them the appropriate amount of care and maintenance to ensure that they go the distance – and diamond rings are no exception. All too often, more thought goes into the actual purchase as opposed to ongoing care.

Everyday wear often builds up layers of oil, debris and cosmetic residue on the stone or gem’s surface. Dirty rings are in fact a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause skin irritation, discolouration of the metals, and scratching of the stones. What’s the point of being a proud diamond owner, if it’s not looking its best?

Common Myths About How To Clean Diamond Rings

Household cleaners such as bleach, chlorine and acetone are not advised to clean your rings at home, as the harsh chemicals can actually break down some of the base metals found in the jewellery. Despite what you may have been told, avoid using the below materials to clean your diamond rings – as they may do more harm than good.

Toothpaste – Great for cleaning your teeth, not so much for cleaning your jewellery.  It is abrasive and can damage the gems, diamonds and gold.

Vodka – Restrict this alcohol to Saturday nights only and keep away from your jewellery.  While it may banish any surface dirt or residue, it can cause certain gems to dry up and crack.

Boiling Water – This can cause damage to both gems and metal, causing the metal to expand and risk loose stones to fall from their settings.

Ways To Clean A Diamond Ring At Home

Now that you know what not to do when it comes to caring for your jewellery at home, here is a  tried and true method that provides a safe alternative when it comes to maintenance.

Very Warm Water And Dishwashing Liquid – Products that moisturise tend to leave a film on the ring, which is what we are trying to avoid.  Soak your ring in a bowl of warm water and dishwashing liquid.   You need only leave for 5-10 minutes, gently brush with a very soft toothbrush to get rid of any residue, then rinse under warm tap water.  Air dry or use a soft tissue when finished and avoid paper towels as these can leave scratches.

Get Your Ring Professionally Cleaned – We regularly service our cars, so why wouldn’t we regularly service our jewellery?  After all, they are both big purchases.  Your diamond ring should be professionally cleaned annually or biannually depending on how often it is worn.  While professional jewellers not only have access to ultrasonic cleaners, they are also able to check your settings, to ensure that no diamonds or gems are loose and to check your claws and settings for safety.

Luckily, here at Paradise Jewellers we’ve learned a thing or two about caring for diamond rings during our sixty three years in business. If some of your prized possessions are in need of a little extra sparkle, please contact us to discuss your options regarding professional diamond maintenance.