Are you yearning for your annual European summer trip, or perhaps you had to cancel a long awaited trip? Here’s our tips on how to feel good without travel with ways to nourish your soul. 

As of June 2019, over 9.5 million Aussies adventured overseas in just one year, with the numbers only increasing. We love new foods, new places and new adventures, so it’s relatively easy to understand why we spend on average $4,750 per person on overseas travel each year. 

However, as the knock on effects of the pandemic are showing little signs of slowing down, the real question is this – how to feel good without travel? 

Ideas On How To Feel Good Without Travel

Firstly, it’s important to pinpoint exactly why some of us are so fond of adventure. Is it the simple joys of discovery, being unreachable, meeting new people, or even just altering our routines? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to feel just as good about your day – and yourself – without going anywhere. 

Spoil Yourself – We often travel quite simply because it makes us feel good – but the good news is that there are plenty of other ways to generate that same feeling by simply spoiling ourselves on the odd occasion. Think about options that you can generate that feeling from every day instead of once a year. Maybe it’s time for those diamond earrings that you always wanted? Self care and self love really should be practiced more than ever this year. 

Renovations – There’s a reason why hardware stores have reported their highest surge in sales ever, and it’s actually quite understandable – we’re stuck at home, and want to improve the space in which we spend the most time. Whether it be a fresh coat of paint, some new wall art or that veggie patch you’ve always talked about, you can’t go wrong with investing into your home. 

Educate Yourself – Despite popular opinion, there’s only so much Netflix that one can watch. If you’re starting to climb the walls, why not teach yourself a few new tricks? While there’s virtually nothing that you can’t learn from YouTube, online platforms such as Skillshare offer anything and everything from short term marketing, cooking and even accounting courses. 

Get Creative – Studies have shown that creative people are more equipped to cope in times of uncertainty, because they can adapt their thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown. How you choose to feed the creative beast is entirely up to you – think knitting, painting, photography or even cooking – but be sure to give it a try, as creative hobbies help to boost your mental health. 

A New Look – A change is as good as a holiday, right? There’s no better time to debut a new hairstyle or maybe try a new style of clothing that you’ve always shied away from, model some outrageous shoes, or even just an eyeshadow. Now is the time to experiment. 

Get Sentimental – No doubt that we’ve all been doing some serious spring cleaning, and uncovering gems that we once thought was lost. The pandemic has unearthed many family heirlooms and in turn, has inspired many to return them to their former glory. restoration or remodelling is a great way to bring them back to life. 

A World Temporarily Without Travel 

At the end of the day, this won’t last forever – but it’s important to stay positive during the “new normal”, and focus on what’s within our control. While many Aussies are saving thousands on what they would traditionally spend on overseas travel, if your situation allows it – spoil yourself. 

In the jewellery industry in particular, we’ve seen countless numbers of couples that have redirected their allocated honeymoon funds into other components of their special day – primarily, their wedding rings. We are consciously aware that jewellery can often represent precious moments in time or memories of our loved ones, which is why we also specialise in jewellery remakes and redesign, bringing new life to jewels that may hold high sentimental value to our clients. 

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