If you consider the emotional and financial investment you have or will make into an engagement ring, insurance is a must. A symbol of love, dedication and commitment from the moment the question was asked, it is an important milestone in anyone’s life and you deserve peace of mind knowing that it is covered.

Just like most jewellery, an engagement ring is small and not only easy to misplace but easy to steal. It is a favourite target for thieves.

It’s also not indestructible either. Diamonds and precious stones can crack and chip, the metal can be crushed or broken and accidents can happen.

Choosing the right insurance is not an easy task though, and there are many pitfalls to be aware of through the process.

Some jewellers provide a valuation certificate, some do not. Paradise’s do of course, but it is important that you are made aware of this. In the case that you don’t have a certificate in the first place, you can have it valued by a qualified registered valuer. The valuation may consist of a reference to a Gemstone Grading Report. If it is a diamond over 50pts, this is to identify that the stone is natural and has not undergone a variety of treatments. It is also beneficial to get a grading on its colour, clarity and carat size. There should also be a detailed section of the rings setting, how the diamond is placed, a detailed description of the metal and any additional special features or stones in the ring.

It is a very small step to take for such a priceless piece in your life. It is not worth the risk to go without it.

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