Over time, from frequent wear, your precious Jewellery may start to show it’s age and your diamonds may become vulnerable. Gemstones may loosen and your gold may need a polish & clean. Therefore a complimentary clean with the in store ultrasonic and a thorough safety check is offered at both boutiques. Our qualified staff will recommend any further repairs or maintenance necessary to ensure that your Jewellery stays in ‘as new’ and ‘safe’ condition.

Your strand of Pearls may need a restring, the claws on your engagement ring may be starting to wear and need a retip or maybe a resize. Repairs are carried on location in the hands of skilled jewellers. When time permits, simple repairs will be completed same day or while you do your shopping.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery that has become unwearable due to damage or wear, over time? It’s very sad and disappointing when your favourite piece is not able to be worn due to damage. The answer to this problem is to have your adored and loved jewellery professionally restored or redesigned. For this, it’s important to choose a trusted jeweller with years of experience and an excellent reputation for quality work.

So, how do you choose a trustworthy jeweller? A quality jeweller will always check the condition of jewellery in front of you.They will ask about the details of your jewellery, such as its age, what you are expecting from your jewellery restoration, and if these expectations are realistic. They will discuss with you the details of the repair and will give you a quote or approximate price for that repair.

“As professional jewellers we are able to offer your repairs and remodelling to be done in store. Some jewellers may send your jewellery elsewhere to be repaired and this may involve extra time, expense and the possibility always exists that your precious jewellery may be lost in this process. For this reason we incorporate our own onsite workshops so that our customers’ feel the confidence and have peace of mind in their jeweller and the redesign and repair process”, says Shane Paradise.


“Yes, you can trust your valuable treasures with Paradise Jewellers”.