Weddings aren’t something most of us think about during the era of this pandemic, but for couples planning one – it’s simply been a matter of adapting. 

While some nuptials have sadly been shelved for the time being, there are many others that are forging a new path, and are determined to seal their love while working with (and around) current restrictions. While Australian gathering limits and state border closures – let alone international ones – have provided plenty of bumps on the road to getting married, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to still have the wedding of your dreams, with a few adjustments. 

How Have Weddings Adapted To Restrictions? 

When speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, NSW based wedding planner Belinda Brett has found that a smaller wedding has not translated in a cut to the overall cost for some couples. 

“Couples are inviting fewer guests and spending the same – if not more – on their wedding. They’re really opting to create a luxurious experience in terms of food, styling and entertainment,” she says. 

While destination weddings and “bucket list” style overseas honeymoons are out, customers are spending more on what they can: the dress, the rings, the flowers, and the technology. 

According to wedding planning company Zola, over one third of couples getting married in October 2020 will have virtual guests at their wedding, ensuring that loved ones around the globe don’t miss out on being a part of their special day. 

Apart from including more technology into their special day, how else has getting married changed during the era of the coronavirus?

Marry Now, Party Later In an effort to have the best of both worlds, many couples have opted to simply elope and have an “after party” for friends and family sometime in the near future. It’s a great way to celebrate love, without having to sacrifice sharing it with their nearest and dearest. 

Two Part Weddings – Similar in concept to the above, many couples getting married in 2020 have faced the arduous task of being forced to cut down their guest list numbers. Instead of picking and choosing between who gets the chop and who doesn’t, many have instead opted to hold two celebrations – one for family, and one for friends. 

Going Bush – With many of Australia’s restrictions on large gatherings focussing on limiting indoor gatherings, couples getting married this year have instead taken things outside. Traditional churches and reception venues have been replaced with farm or bush style receptions, where the open air setting allows them to have flexibility with their guest numbers. 

Getting Hitched At Home – Back in March, many couples getting hitched were forced to push their weddings back, with September or October 2020 being the foreseen timeline for Australia to reopen. While this date has been and gone for many, couples have instead opted to get married at home in their own backyards to avoid the extensive costs involved with rescheduling. 

Covid Safe Plans – For Covid-19 weddings, ensuring that you have a valid Covid Safe plan can be of great value if you’re trying to maximise the number of guests permitted at your wedding. While the exact terms vary from state to state, hiring the services of a wedding planner can be invaluable if you need some help navigating the policies and applying for one. 

What Hasn’t Changed? 

Some things change, while others never will. Sourcing the perfect dress, flowers and rings have been a top priority for many couples getting married in 2020, as they’re a handful of things that are still within your control when planning a wedding this year.

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