One of the best parts of being a custom jeweller is getting to know the people behind the pieces that Paradise’s create and there isn’t a piece more special than engagement and wedding rings. They transcend almost every other part of a wedding day.They will stay on your hand for the life of your marriage and they are the perfect reminder of your commitment, so we take the whole process very seriously.

Paradise’s recently had the pleasure of following Kerryn and Cain’s journey.

“I would like to thank the team at Paradise’s Facet 58 Jewellers, especially Shay. I was so excited when Cain proposed and I opened the box to find a stunning ring with beautiful diamonds. It was certainly a good surprise and every visit into your shop has been a pleasure since.

Our wedding day was a magical day. Cain gave me the wedding of my dreams and we declared our love and promises in front of our loved ones. It really was a picture perfect day and everything ran smoothly.  I’m now proud to be called Mrs Anderson.” – Kerryn Anderson.

Here is a snap shot of their special day